Ezi Scoota New Product

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Smart Automatic Foldable Electric Scooter 
Model : Ezi Scoota
Colors: Grey or Red Wine
Battery: 48v 7.8Ah 18650/2900Ah Lithium
Battery Brands: LG / Samsung / Panasonic
Motor:48V/300w/German Brushless Motor Technology
Burglar Alarm: Siren protection from theft 
Bluetooth Speaker: 4.0 Water-proof Stereo Bluetooth Effective range up to 20metres
Tyres: 12'' E4 Standard
Damper: Front Wheel Shock Absorber
Foldable: Button Electronic Auto Folding System Start
Start-up Style: Remote Start
Braking: Electromagnetic Disc Brake System
Waterproofing Grade: IPx4
In "mode 3+" the Scoota  it is a great hill climber.

Ezi Scoota Smart Foldup Electric Scooter

ezi SCOOTA - Intelligent Folding Scooter
Innovative Travelling
The Commuters and casual shopper perfect choice.
Can be wheeled onto a bus, into a lift, or transported in the boot of a car.

Product Weight: 22.5 Kgs
Max Load: 250 Kgs
Max Speed: 25 - 32km/h
Range: 35 - 45km
Charging Time: 3 - 4 hours
Product Size Before Folding: 124.4 x 61.2 x 109.5 cm
Product Size Folding: 89.5 x 31.2 x 96.7cm
Package Size:128 x 34.5 x 56 cm

The NEW ezi Scoota from eziRIDER - Aucklands AK-1

Stocks available now - in Grey & Red Wine  Ezi Scoota

Ezi Scoota Auto folding

Ezi Scoota Auto folding and unfold by remote

Ezi Scoota Leather Seat

Ezi Scoota Leather Seat perfect posture position and tail light

Ezi Scoota Superior inflated 12" wheels

Ezi Scoota Superior inflated 12" wheels.
Can safely travel over pot holes and paving in comfort, with front shock absorbers 

Ezi Scoota Front and back disk brakes

Ezi Scoota front and back disk brakes,  LCD Control display and Remote Lock / Fold / keyless start.

Ezi Scoota Folded in back of car for transportation.

Ezi Scoota folded in back of car for transportation.