eziRIDER Cruiser

Q = What is the highest and lowest seat position?

The highest seat position is 1 metre from the ground to the top of the seat. The lowest seat position is 83cm from the ground to the top of the seat. If you want the seat position to be even lower than 83cm, then the seats shock mount could be removed.

eziRIDER Grand Tourer

Q = Can Ezi Rider Cruiser, Grand Tourer and Vantage ebikes climb hills?

YES on battery power. For really steep hills a combination of pedalling and battery can be used. In this case the degree of exertion is like pedalling a normal bike on the flat. The experience is bliss on hills.

eziRIDER accelerator throttle

Q = When I signal right with my arm, I loose electric power! Why?

The reason you have taken your hand off the accelerator throttle located on the right hand end of the handle bar. If you start to pedal the electric motor will engage and your right hand turn speed will depend on your power level setting.

Ezi Rider e-bikes come with a charger.

All Ezi Rider e-bikes come with a charger.

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eziRIDER Cruiser

eziRIDER "Cruiser"

11.0Ah 36v battery  300watts. Foldaway, Shocks front wheel and seat. - Bike folded 85x70x30cm.  3 year warranty NZMCA

eziRIDER Grand Tourer

eziRIDER "Grand Tourer"

Same features as Cruiser except it has a longer range with the 15Ah 36v battery + extras - Bike folded 85x70x30cm. 3 year warranty NZMCA

eziRIDER Vantage the Regenerative charging eBike

eziRIDER "Vantage"   - with PAS Hybrid Motor / Generator

Same features as the Grand Tourer, plus self charging bike with regenarative braking & front wheel disk brakes. Fold 85x70x30cm.
3 year warranty NZMCA