ezi Rider Vanatage
© ezi Rider Vantage 

The FIRST Regenerative, Self-Charging, Electric bike in NZ

- Specially Designed for the New Zealand Market 
- Easy step through Frame
- Aviation grade alloy frame (Lifetime Warranty)
- Motor:  Bafang Heavy Duty genuine 300 watt
- Range depends on terrain and regenerative recharge ability
- Recharges battery in certain controlled riding conditions.
- Front wheel disk braking
- Foldaway bike to 85x70x30cm.
- Top fittings with Shimano gears plus front wheel Zoom and seat Shocks
- Weight 25kg

Vantage Regenerative Charging Electric Bike

Vantage LCD Controller four operational modes  
PAS mode 0 is normal ebike
PAS mode 1, PAS mode 2 and PAS mode 3 are for battery Self-Charging.
PAS Charging modes
1. Coasting down hill, peddling faster than 16kph , the battery is being charged 

2. Flat road, depending on the PAS mode 1-3 setting, charging will commence when above the stated speed.
PAS mode 1 speed >17km/h
PAS mode 2 speed >21km/h
PAS mode 3 speed >25km/h
For self-charging, do not use the throttle, pedal assistant only. 

New eziRIDER ebike Vantage 2018

The eziRIDER Vantage - with Regenerative charging..

Vantage Controller LCD Status indicator

LCD  Controller Energy Bar  indicates battery status,
PAS indicates the recharge modes 1 - 3. "0" is normal electric bike mode. The bottom line "Km" of the display changes status when in Regenerative mode.
Finger points to ON / OFF button