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eziRIDER Cruiser electric bike Top Selling ebike in New Zealand

The Ezi RIDER Cruiser is the top selling Electric Bike in New Zealand. Its a compact foldaway, has quality components and as the NZ importer, we sell directly to you  at a very competitive price.  - Range 50km without Pedal assist, 80km with.  3 YEAR WARRANTY, Bikes come with charger.  eziRIDER details >   eziRIDER VIDEO >

The Vantage - first ebike in New Zealand with Regenerative charging.

eziRIDER Vantage with Regenerative Charging

The Ezi RIDER Vantage has the same features as Cruiser except it has a longer range with the 15Ah 36v battery, plus front wheel disk brakes and with regenarative braking, it self charges the battery while you ride.  This currently is the most advanced electric bike in NZ.
Ezi RIDER Vantage details >

The Ezi Scoota is a self foldaway, seat riding scooer

Ezi Rider Scoota

Ezi Scoota Superior inflated 12" wheels.  Can safely travel over pot holes and paving in comfort, with front shock absorbers.  Has front and back disk brakes, LCD Control display and Remote Lock / Fold / keyless start. The comfortable leather seat adds the final touch.
ezi SCOOTA details >    ezi SCOOTA Video >

eziRIDER SCOOTA Automatic Electric Foldaway

NEW .. Ezirider NZ has modified our existing top seller bike.
RECHARGES BATTERY in certain riding conditions..fantastic!
Self charging bike with regenarative braking. "Hybrid Mobility"
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eziRIDER Electric Bike

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